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Demo Excellence :

Becoming a Demo Expert !



What if you could dramatically improve your ability to demo your products and services so that you win more opportunities and drive your commission ?


You can achieve this with our Demo Excellence program


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Demo Excellence Program Highlights :


A Program that mixes 1 to 1 and cohort sessions

  • Get the best of both¬†coaching styles with this program.
  • Highly focussed 1 to 1 sessions that focus purely on your demo goals and outcomes
  • The benefits of a cohort training, shared experiences and learning with a group of upto 10 participants

2 x 30 minute 1 to 1 sessions

  • 2 session2 planned out for the 2¬†week period of the Program
  • Personalised insights that drive immediate improvement in your performance¬†by providing¬†guidance, addressing your specific challenges and¬†building on your strengths.¬†

3 x 90 minute cohort sessions

  • Dive into the types of demo that an SE uses as well as how and when to use them
  • Practical and actionable coaching on how to approach the planning and execution of demos
  • Learn from the challenges experienced by other members of the cohort
  • Build a long term set of relationships across the global presales market


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